Xiaomi teases smartphone with 48MP camera

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We’ve seen smartphone makers one-upping each other lately by adding more and more cameras to their devices, but it looks like Xiaomi may be going in another direction with the camera on one of its upcoming devices.

Xiaomi president Lin Bin took to Chinese social networking site Weibo this week to tease what looks to be a smartphone with a 48MP camera. The teaser image shows what looks to be the back of a phone with a protruding camera, a flash, and a „48MP CAMERA“ label.

Little else is known about this mystery Xiaomi phone, but the teaser post does say that whatever this is, it’ll be released in January.

Most smartphone cameras seem to top out at 20MP or 24MP, but we have seen some 40MP and higher shooters before. Nokia had its 808 PureView with a 41MP rear camera way back in 2012, and it followed that up a year later with the Lumia 1020, which had a 41MP camera of its own. Xiaomi’s 48MP camera sounds impressive, and we’re looking forward to seeing what it can actually do and what kind of smartphone it’s attached to.

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