Waze adds Siri Shortcuts to its iOS app

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Allard1 via Getty Images

Waze is playing even more nicely with Apple after it enabled CarPlay support back in September. The latest version of its iOS app lets you use Siri Shortcuts to find your way to a destination. You’ll be able to set up shortcuts for things like your morning commute, the drive home and directions to your favorite places.

The benefits of using voice control for navigation while driving are fairly obvious, and Waze’s addition of Siri Shortcuts offers users more of an alternative to Apple Maps. The update will surely come as a boon for those who use it to steer clear of traffic, crashes and construction. However, it might not help you steer clear of police checkpoints in future after the NYPD asked Waze’s owner Google to remove them from the app.

This article was originally posted on Engadget