This iPhone 11 Pro case makes its weird camera worth it

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Image: Cinepocalypse

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Arnold Schwarzenegger with a rocket launcher has you covered.

The most polarizing aspect of the iPhone 11 Pro is its camera system. Love it or hate it, the triple-camera system elicits strong opinions from people. Whether you are on one side or the other, there’s no denying the Commando Arnold Schwarzenegger iPhone 11 Pro case makes the new camera system worth it.

For those of you that are not familiar with Commando, it is a 1985 film that stars Schwarzenegger as John Matrix, a retired United States Special Forces Colonel. At one point, his daughter is kidnapped and he is forced to spring into action and save her while taking out a gang of thugs. Along the way, there is an iconic scene where he aims a rocket launcher and starts laying waste.

The boxy front rocket launcher just so happens to look a lot like the square camera of the iPhone 11 Pro. Somebody decided to make a case of the iconic scene that perfectly places Schwarzenegger in position to shoot not the rocket launcher, but the iPhone 11 Pro cameras.

Twitter user Cinepocalypse shared an image that displays how awesome the case looks on a Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro.

It’s a hilarious case that perfectly recreates the scene. It also shows the ingenuity people are inspired with when Apple does something questionable with its product design.

The Commando Arnold Schwarzenegger case was inspired from a meme making fun of the iPhone 11 Pro camera. There were plenty of memes making fun of it; we’re crossing our fingers more hilarious cases are made that similarly utilize the camera.

You can find the Commando Arnold Schwarzenegger case on Amazon.

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