The best universal car mounts for your Android phone

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When you’re on the go, your phone is more than just a tool for keeping in touch. It’s your road trip DJ, your trusty navigator, and for safety’s sake, you need to mount it up securely. Your hands need to be on the wheel, not your phone, and you don’t need to be looking down for directions at highway speeds. We’ve gathered up a list of some excellent options for universal car mounts, and trust us, there’s no shortage of choices out there for every taste and budget!

Smartest Dock

Bolt Smart Automatic Car Mount

Staff pick

This car mount is equal parts magic and mechanical marvel. A touch-sensitive panel at the top of the mount opens the clamps, an IR sensor closes them once your phone’s in place, and the mount can fast Qi charge Samsung phones. It also comes with a USB-C cable and two-port QC 3.0 car charger to plug the mount into.

$50 at Amazon

Brand power

iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Fast Charging Air Vent Car Mount

iOttie’s Easy One Touch series has been the most recommended for years, and the Qi models continue the tradition. Press your phone back into the button to easily deploy the spring-loaded clamps, and let the mount wirelessly top off your battery during your daily commute.

$50 at Amazon

Fight falls with gravity grip

Baseus Gravity Qi Wireless Car Charger Mount

Baseus’s wireless car charger can fast charge Samsung phones and uses the AC from your air vents to keep things cool while charging. The gravity-based clamps make it blissfully easy to get your phone in and out while still keeping your phone secure.

$37 at Amazon

Most popular

iOttie Easy One Touch 4

The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 is the most popular car mount in the world thanks to its durability and dependability. Position your phone at just about any angle you’d ever want thanks to the One Touch 4’s telescoping, rotating mounting arm.

$25 at Amazon

Make the most of your radio

Koomus Pro CD Slot Car Mount

Yeah, I know, you probably haven’t used your car’s CD player in years, but that’s okay! Koomus is here to make use of the old slot for a steady and damage-free mounting option that’s in a easily viewable spot. Just be mindful of what radio/AC controls it may block on your console.

$17 at Amazon

Pricey, precise perfection


ProClip is less of an individual mount and more of a highly specialized mounting system, allowing you to get both mounting brackets and phone mounts that are custom-tuned to your exact car and Android phone. Prices start at $30, but can get quite high quickly.

Prices vary at ProClip

Best Magnetic Car Mounts

Qi charging car mounts and more traditional cradle mounts certainly have their place, but the easiest — and arguably the best — mounts on the market right now are magnetic car mounts, which use a metal plate to hold your phone securely in your car. Here are some pros and cons compared to traditional clamp mounts:


  • Smaller mount sizes
  • Magnets last longer
  • Hide plates inside a case
  • Mix & match flat plates/mounts


  • Prevents Qi wireless charging
  • Heavier phones can slide off weaker magnets

The wide compatibility between flat plate mounts is a huge asset, allowing you to mix magnetic mount brands within a multi-car household — or buy cuter magnetic plates. There are tens of thousands of styles on the market, but these are our favorite magnetic mounts and plates.

Best for rental cars

Trianium Magnetic Air Vent Car Phone Mount

Staff Pick

There are cheaper versions of this super compact style, but Trianium’s has three advantages: 6 magnets sit inside this mount instead of the usual 4, it has beautiful aluminum accents in fun colors like blue and pink, and its refined look is perfect for business travelers on a budget.

$7 at Amazon

Get a good grip

WizGear Universal Twist-Lock Air Vent Magnetic Car Mount

WizGear’s magnetic mounts are some of the most-sold magnetic mounts on Amazon, and rock-bottom prices on low-profile mounts like this twist-locking model allow you to adjust the angle of your phone while keeping a great grip on your air vent.

$12 at Amazon

Big magnets, big grip

VAVA Magnetic Phone Holder for Car Dashboard

This stout mount’s adjustable base adheres to a flat surface atop your dashboard — or the side of your center console or instrument panel, should your dash be as lacking in „flat areas“ as mine — and its wide magnetic pad is easily to swivel and rotate around its round body.

$20 at Amazon

Wiggly windshield magic

Mpow Magnetic Phone Holder for Windshield and Dashboard

This bendy mount can mount to your windshield — make sure that’s allowed where you live first — and weave around for the best positioning, then bend out of the way when you don’t need it.

$11 at Amazon

Multitasking metal plate

Spigen Style Ring POP

Magnetic mounts need a metal plate to cling to, and while boring flat plates will get you by, your plate can do more! The Spigen Style Ring Pop works with all flat-plate magnetic mounts, doubles as a phone grip and triples as a kickstand. It comes in 5 cool colors, too.

$13 at Amazon

New twist on an old fav

Nite Ize Steelie Orbiter Dash Kit

Nite Ize’s original Steelie requires a concave button you can’t hide under a case, but the Orbiter uses a flat metal plate to connect to a concave socket that stays with the mount. At its core, though, the Orbiter still uses the same super-strong magnets the Steelie is famous for.

$28 at Amazon

I’ve been partial to the portable adaptability of the Trianium Magnetic Air Vent Mount and the Spigen Style Ring POP, but that magnetic duo interferes with Qi wireless charging, so I’ve been hunting down some magical Qi mounts to use instead. That magical mount is the Bolt Smart Automatic Car Mount, with its electronic, sensor-activated clamps and easy-to-read LED indicators.

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