Steam Link app now available for iOS and Apple TV

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Steam Link iOS

More than one year after its initial announcement, the Steam Link app has finally arrived on iOS.

The Steam Link app can be downloaded from the App Store right here. It requires iOS 10 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV.

With Steam Link, you can play your existing Steam games on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. There’s support for MFi and Steam controllers, or you can play using virtual controls on your touchscreen. You’ll also need to connect your iOS device to a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer running Steam on the same local network. 

Valve recommends connecting your computer to your 5GHz Wi-Fi router using Ethernet and connecting your iOS device to the 5GHz band on your Wi-Fi network. It’s also recommended that you keep your iOS device within a reasonable range of your router.

Steam Link iOS virtual controls

Steam Link launched on Android in mid-May 2018, one week after its original announcement, but it took the app a whole year to come to iOS. When asked about the app last year, Apple exec Phil Schiller said that the Steam Link app violated „a number of guidelines around user-generated content, in-app purchases, content codes, etc.“ Fast-forward to today and Steam Link has finally arrived on iOS, but without the ability to purchase games from the Steam store like the Android app can. But hey, if you’re a PC gamer with an iOS device, at least you’ve now finally got access to Steam Link on your Apple device.

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