Samsung reveals Infinity Flex Display for foldable smartphone

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As expected, Samsung today took to the stage during the Samsung Developer Conference to tease its foldable smartphone.

Samsung has officially revealed its Infinity Flex Display, the screen that’ll be included with its upcoming foldable smartphone. Using technologies like a shock-absorbent film, ultra-thin polarizer, flexible layer, flexible backplane, and foldable adhesive, Samsung says that its Infinity Flex Display is durable enough to be folded hundreds of thousands of times. Mass production for this foldable screen will begin in the coming months.

Also shown today is a prototype of a foldable smartphone. The device shown by Samsung has a smaller cover touchscreen that’s fully functional. When unfolded, the prototype features a 7.3-inch screen.

Samsung Infinity Flex Display cover touchscreen

On the software side, Samsung said that apps that you’re using on the cover display of its foldable device will open up on the bigger display when it’s unfolded. Samsung also teased its new Multi-Active Window feature that will allow you to run three apps simultaneously.

The device shown by Samsung today is likely a prototype, which is why the company focused on the foldable display while the rest of the phone was darkened. Still, the company does appear to be getting close to launching a foldable smartphone, and we’re looking forward to seeing its final design and software when it launches, which is expected to happen next year.

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