Samsung puts up „The future unfolds“ billboards, hinting at February 20 reveal for foldable phone

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When Samsung announced its February 20 event, the teaser hinted that the Galaxy S10 will be the star of the show. Now the company has launched new teasers that hint at a co-star.

Samsung has put up billboards in Paris that suggest that its upcoming foldable smartphone will also be shown on February 20. The billboards are written in Korean letters and, when translated, say „The future unfolds“ and „February twentieth“.

We first got a glimpse at Samsung’s Infinity Fold foldable screen late last year. When folded, the screen is 4.3 inches with a resolution of 1960×480, and it becomes a 7.3-inch 2152×1536 display when unfolded. Samsung hasn’t really revealed much about the rest of the device, but it looks like that’ll change next month. Stay tuned.

Samsung February 20 foldable phone billboard

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