Samsung Galaxy S10+ appears in leaked video with hole in its screen protector

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We’ve seen quite a few Samsung Galaxy S10 leaks to date, and today they continue to trickle out, giving us more info on the S10 ahead of its official announcement next week.

A new video that shows the Samsung Galaxy S10+ has been shared by accessory maker MobileFun. The brief video shows the front of a Galaxy S10+ with a screen protector, and perhaps what’s most interesting about the clip is that the screen protector has a hole in it near the bottom of the display. The hole is pretty clear when the screen is off, but is harder to see when the display is on.

As for what this hole is for, it’s likely that the cutout is there for the Galaxy S10+’s ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor. It’s possible that if the cutout weren’t there, the fingerprint sensor wouldn’t work because the screen protector is too thick. The cutout was made in the screen protector to get around this issue and allow the user to unlock the S10+ with their finger.

The hole in the screen protector definitely looks a little strange, but it’s better than not being able to use the Galaxy S10+’s in-display fingerprint sensor. Hopefully when the Galaxy S10 and S10+ actually launch, we’ll see some screen protectors that are thin enough to allow the in-display fingerprint sensor to work without a cutout.

Samsung Galaxy S10+ screen protector hole

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