OnePlus to launch a 5G phone with Snapdragon 855 on EE in 2019

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OnePlus said recently that it plans to launch a 5G phone in 2019, and today it spilled a few more details on its plans.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau confirmed today that OnePlus will release a 5G smartphone in Europe in 2019. OnePlus is partnering with EE on the effort, Lau said, adding that his company will be the first to release a 5G phone in Europe.

The only other detail we have about this device is that it’ll be powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor, which Qualcomm announced yesterday. There’s no word yet on what other features this OnePlus phone might have, when it’ll be released, or how much it might cost.

When it comes to buying a 5G phone, do you plan on being an early adopter or holding off for the 5G coverage to spread and 5G tech to mature?

This article was originally posted on PhoneDog