OK seriously, stop whining about Apple’s controversial new iPhone 11 design

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I’ve been doing this for long enough to know how certain stories are going to play out. That’s why I knew a year before Samsung even announced the Galaxy Fold that it would be a piece of junk. Samsung Mobile truly shines when it comes to refining designs and technologies that are already mature. That’s why phones like the Galaxy S10 are market leaders in nearly every conceivable way. But when it comes to innovating with new designs and new technologies, Samsung is almost always a hot mess. The company makes huge, unforgivable design mistakes on first-generation products. On top of that, it often tries to rush things out the door in an effort to be first. That’s right, Samsung is literally the corporate embodiment of a YouTube commenter. Remember when rumors started to pick up that Apple was getting ready to release an „iTV“ with Siri voice control, so Samsung announced a voice-controlled TV at CES the following year and rushed it out the door? First! That TV almost never responded to voice commands the way it was supposed to, and it now lays claim to one of the worst user experiences of the past decade. Now, the Galaxy Fold is the same story all over again.

When I made my Galaxy Fold prediction more than a year early, I endured an endless wave of whiny emails from Samsung fans… right up until they realized I was right. But perhaps the response to today’s prediction will be less abrasive since it’s so obvious. Are you among the many, many people out there whining about the rear camera setup on the new iPhone 11 design we’ve seen leak time and time again? Well, you need to stop your incessant whingeing right now, and I’m going to explain why.

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