Night Sight fight: The iPhone 11 kinda destroys the Pixel 4 with low light camera shots

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We have a lot of testing to go before we can reach a verdict on Google’s new Pixel 4 smartphone, but the early results show it’s in for a big fight with the iPhone 11. We tested the improved Night Sight against the iPhone 11’s Night mode to see which camera could snap a better nighttime shot. The first impressions are very one-sided.

That’s very surprising. Apple’s Night mode was largely seen as playing catch-up to Google’s version on the Pixel 3, and we all assumed that the Pixel 4 would take another leap to show Apple who’s boss. That might not be the case.

pixel 4 iphone 11 night sight 1 Michael Simon/IDG

 iPhone 11 (left), Pixel 4 (right). Click to enlarge.

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