Nexus 6P owners to get up to $400 from Google and Huawei in class action lawsuit

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Nexus 6P hands-on

Did you own a Nexus 6P? If so, you may get up to $400 as a result of a class action lawsuit.

A proposal states that Google and Huawei could be forced to pay $9.75 million in a settlement for a class action lawsuit that began in April 2017. As noted by The Verge, that means participating plaintiffs could get up to $400, though those Nexus 6P owners who got a Pixel XL through a warranty exchange program would only get $10.

The class action lawsuit involves a bootlooping issue that caused some Nexus 6P phones to randomly reboot. The lawsuit alleges that Google and Huawei broke the device warranty because they were aware of the bootlooping issue but didn’t respond to it. The plaintiffs in the lawsuit also say that Google and Huawei continued to sell the faulty phones while failing to acknowledge the bootloop bug.

Google and Huawei have reached a preliminary agreement on this settlement, and a decision on the proposal will be made on May 9th. If approved, Nexus 6P users who bought their phone on or after September 25th, 2015 would be eligible for a piece of the settlement.

Bootloops that randomly cause your phone to restart can be a real pain. Not only is it annoying to have your phone reboot when you’re using it, but that kind of bug can interrupt you when you’re doing something important and cause you to lose 

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