LG reportedly working on a smartphone with a second screen attachment

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LG’s reportedly got multiple phones to reveal at MWC next month, including a unique device with a second screen.

LG is prepping a new smartphone with a second screen attachment that works as a „sort of case with a screen“ that could possibly double the total screen size of the phone. That’s according to a new report from CNET, which claims that LG is thinking about making this the G8.

Spec details for this mysterious LG phone, but it sounds like an interesting concept. Rather than have a foldable smartphone that’s going to cost you a lot of cash, this upcoming LG device could come as a normal phone but have a second screen attachment for folks that want that type of device. This would also let you detach the second screen when you don’t need it, cutting down on bulk.

MWC 2019 kicks off on February 25, so it won’t be long before we see these rumored LG smartphone for ourselves. Does a phone with a second screen attachment sound like something you’d like?

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