iPhone XR is top-ranked single camera smartphone in DxOMark testing

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The iPhone XR shares many features with the iPhone XS, including its notched display and Apple A12 Bionic processor. One major difference between the two phones is their rear camera setups, with the XS offering dual rear cameras and the XR having just one rear shooter. According to some new analysis, though, that doesn’t mean the XR’s camera is bad.

Camera-testing firm DxOMark gave the iPhone XR a score of 101 points, making Apple’s smartphone the top-ranked single camera device that DxOMark has tested. „It just surpasses the Google Pixel 2 for still photos, with marginally better noise-versus-texture results, and significantly fewer artifacts,“ the report says. „Both devices achieve the same overall score for video.“ It is worth noting that DxOMark hasn’t yet reviewed the Pixel 3 and its single rear camera.

This review of the iPhone XR’s camera says that it offers „excellent“ exposure in any lighting condition as well as a wide dynamic range and a great autofocus system. DxOMark also says that Apple has improved the flash on the XR compared to the iPhone XS Max, offering better target exposure on faces and in the center of the frame in general. The report does say that the XR’s flash isn’t quite as good as the Pixel 2’s, which offers the best flash performance.

Two areas where the iPhone XR is knocked are zoom and bokeh photos. Both of which aren’t as good as they are on XS due to the XR’s lack of a second camera. For example, when it comes to zoom, you’re stuck using digital zoom which DxOMark says introduces artifacts and noise in medium and long ranges. 

The iPhone XR offers some nice features that the iPhone XS doesn’t have, like colorful backs and a lower price tag, but some folks interested in the XR may be worried that Apple made compromises with the camera to help get the phone’s price down. This new report shows that consumers interested in the XR don’t need to worry about the camera performance, though, making the iPhone XR an even more appealing option for anyone interested in buying one of Apple’s new iPhone models.

To read the full DxOMark review of the iPhone XR’s camera, which is chock full of technical details, hit the link below.

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