How to use iCloud for continuity when restoring from an iOS backup

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When migrating from one iOS device to another, iCloud provides continuity. If you’ve already set up a target device and logged into iCloud with the same Apple ID as on the device from which you’re migrating, you don’t lose anything synced with iCloud in the process.

The only thing to watch out for is information you’ve created uniquely on the target device that isn’t stored in the cloud, but you believe is stored on the device itself. Depending on the app, you need to make sure to back that data up.

That can include photos if you’re not using iCloud Photos (formerly iCloud Photo Library), which automatically syncs all your media through iCloud and across iOS devices and Macs logged into the same account. With that feature off, a target device on which you’ve captured or stored any images or videos that you haven’t imported into Photos (or iPhoto) will have all this new media deleted when you restore from another device.

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