Google working to attract new apps to Android TV and set minimum performance standards

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We haven’t heard much about Android TV lately, but that’s changing this week because Google is making some Android TV news at CES 2019.

Shalini Govil-Pai, Google’s Senior Director of Product Management for Android TV, has revealed that there’s now a team working to bring new apps to Android TV. The platform now has a critical mass to attract app makers that may have previously skipped Android TV due to its small user base, and so this team will work to attract new and popular apps to the platform.

Just like with smartphones and tablets, apps are important for a set-top box platform that wants to succeed. While there are a lot of the popular apps that you’d expect to find on Android TV, like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go, it’s a smart idea for Google to continue to attract new and popular apps to the platform to keep existing users happy and make Android TV an attractive platform for anyone that may be considering it.

Also revealed by Govil-Pai is that Google wants to set minimum hardware performance standards for Android TV. The goal here would be to ensure that Android TV performance meets a certain expectation no matter which device you choose. Govil-Pai emphasized that this does not mean that Google is abandoning the lower-end market.

Have you used Android TV? If so, which device did you use it on?

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