Google Play Store app getting refreshed look soon

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Google has been busy lately giving its various Android apps a Material Design refresh, and now it looks like the Play Store app is next in line for an update.

Images show a new version of Google’s Play Store app with a refreshed user interface. As you can see in the screenshots below, Google is planning to a bottom bar with tabs for Home, Games, Movies & TV, and Books sections. The folks at 9to5Google also found an updated search bar at the top of the screen with more rounded corners and phrases like „Search for apps & games“ or „Search Movies & TV“, depending on which section you’re in.

Play Store Material Design refresh

The app carousels have bolder headers in this refresh, while the „More“ button has been replaced with an arrow. Digging into a specific app page, you’ll find the Google Sans font and a full-width „Install“ button for apps that you don’t already have on your device. When you decide to download an app, you’ll now see a circular download indicator around the app icon rather than a straight line.

The „My apps & games“ section has a new set of tabs and the words „Updates“, „Installed“, „Library“, and „Beta“ are no longer written in all caps. There’s a new „Permissions“ section as well.

Finally, the whole app has gotten more white, just like Google’s other recent Material Design-ified Android apps.

This updated version of the Play Store was hidden within version 14.5.52 of the app, and so it’s unclear when the new Material Design version could roll out. Given Google’s recent history of refreshing its Android apps with all-white user interfaces, though, it’s no surprise that the Play Store will be getting this new look as well.

What do you think of this updated Play Store?

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