Google Fit and Google Sounds are the latest Android apps to get dark mode

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Google Fit dark mode

Another couple of Google apps have gotten the dark mode treatment.

Google Fit has gained a dark mode with an update to version 2.16.22. The entire app is darkened when dark mode is enabled, though it looks to be more of a dark gray color than a true black.

One user tells Android Police that there’s a setting that’ll let you toggle dark mode on or off in the app, but not everyone is seeing it. Enabling dark mode on a system level should get the dark mode to appear in the app, though.

Google Sounds dark mode

The other app getting a dark mode is the Google Sounds app for Pixels. We haven’t heard much about this ringtone app since it launched late last year, but it’s now getting an update to version 2.1 that includes a dark mode. And unlike Google Fit’s dark mode, Google Sounds‘ dark more looks to be totally black.

Also new in Google Sounds v2.1 is a floating action button in the bottom right corner of the app’s My Sounds section. With it, you can manually add a ringtone to the app, which should be a bit easier and more discoverable for users that the previous method that required you to sideload MP3 files in the Ringtones folder of your phone’s storage.

One of the major new features of Android Q is a system-wide dark mode, so it makes sense that Google would add a dark mode to all of its apps so that they’re ready for the public launch of Android Q. Plus, dark mode can be easier on your eyes when browsing your phone at night and can help save a little battery life on OLED screens, too, so we’re glad to see Google offering a dark mode in more of its Android apps.

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