Apple’s iPhone event intro video deserves a second viewing

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What you need to know

It’s oddly comforting to watch the video.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Apple held an event this week where it unveiled a bevy of new products including the iPhone 11. It was a jam-packed event, one which Apple started with an introduction video called „Wonderful tools“ that is absolutely delightful and has been unfairly lost in the event shuffle.

We’ve chronicled how impressive Apple’s videos are and this one is no exception. It’s basically a near two-minute journey through Apple’s products in an animated world that slowly transforms from one product to the next.

It starts with the original Macintosh 128K and slowly hits every major Apple product you can think of: the iPod click wheel, the iPhone home button, Touch ID, the iMac and many more.

The video plays to the backdrop of Les Gordon’s „Flirting With June.“ It’s a fitting song as you take „an amazing journey through [Apple’s] hardware, software and services.“ Or at least that’s how Apple describes the video.

Apple ends the video with the caption: „Give people wonderful tools and they’ll do wonderful things.“

The video is fun; it’s whimsical; it’s a joy to watch. Unfortunately, it is not getting the attention it deserves because the new iPhones are getting all of the attention, but it should.

If you haven’t seen it, check it out above. If you have, give it a second viewing. We did and enjoyed it just as much.

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