Apple rolls out iOS 12.1.1 with broader Dual SIM support, enhanced Live Photos, and more

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Apple just released iOS 12.1.1, an update that brings even more features and, of course, bug fixes to an OS release that has been largely successful from the get-go. While iOS 11 was plagued with any number of performance issues, Apple with iOS 12 decided to focus on system stability and reliability, a decision which has paid off swimmingly. As we covered yesterday, iOS 12 adoption already stands at 72%. As a point of reference, iOS 11 at this time last year was only being used by 59% of iOS users.

Now as for what iOS 12.1.1 brings to the table, some of the more notable features include support for Live Photos in FaceTime, haptic touch notifications on the iPhone XR, and wider carrier support for Dual SIM, Some of the bug fixes included in the iOS 12.1.1 update should help improve a few minor issues that users have experienced when using FaceID and the Messages app.

As mentioned above, the original incarnation of iOS 12 was largely focused on improving system performance, but that’s not to say Apple is completely neglecting new features. On the contrary, Apple with iOS 12 will continue to add new features and enhanced functionality with a number of minor updates over the next few months. Just last month, for example, Apple rolled out iOS 12.1 which saw the long-awaited introduction Group FaceTime, advanced depth control when taking photos, 70 new emoji for iPhone, iPad, and Mac users, and much more.

If you want to download the update, you probably know the drill by now: simply go to the Settings app, tap on General, and than select Software Update.

This article was originally posted on BGR